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  1. Farm animal contact and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  2. "Should we stop eating meat?"
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  4. Eggs, cancer and mortality
  5. Mystery Meat Macrophotography
  6. Vegan Natural Health News
  7. Video: Doctor recommends a plant based diet to patients.
  8. Doner kebabs: Death wrapped in pitta bread
  9. is a plant-based diet a cure for cancer?
  10. Milk and cancer
  11. Diseases linked to proximity to animals, not just eating them
  12. Is 'processed' meat only the problem - or cholesterol, high dietary fat etc?
  13. 20-30 types of cancer and animal products (eggs, fish, milk, meat)
  14. "The problem with meat is that it's cooked"
  15. The medical costs attributable to meat consumption: 29-61 billion
  16. Dr. Marc Katz: Heart health and the vegan diet
  17. Raymond Francis: "Dairy and excess animal protein"
  18. Opinions on BHA and BHT
  19. Red meat increases death, cancer and heart risk - latest study
  20. "More dietetic crimes against humanity"
  21. Food Inc
  22. "Tainted seafood reaching American tables, experts say"
  23. A dilemma with a conflict of interest
  24. 'Eggs: increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes'
  25. 'Fish Oil Does Not Improve Heart Health'