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  1. "I like meat too much" - Another angle?
  2. Stupid things YOU said when you were a meat eater.
  3. Horses LIKE Barrel-Racing???
  4. (Rant) "Vegans eat plants so I can eat animals"
  5. Non-vegans are more pro-vegan than we (and they!) may think they are
  6. The guy who wrote '7 Reasons I Never Went Vegan' is now a vegan
  7. (Rant) "I love animals"
  8. "Killing" plants
  9. Argh...
  10. Moral virtue vs. moral obligation, and other arguments that have me stumped
  11. Need a reply to this stupid statement.
  12. Do you find it hilarious when.....
  13. What's the lamest excuse you ever heard as to why people eat meat?
  14. Explaining my vitamin deficiency to work colleagues
  15. I hate being told that my facts are just opinions
  16. People who refuse to have an opinion
  17. I don't... How do I respond?
  18. New article on cognitive dissonance and explaining the mind-games of meat-eaters
  19. "There has never been a completely vegan culture (that we know of) anywhere"?
  20. My post in a milk thread :) ooops I've done it again!
  21. lesson learned: don't take someone else's word for it!
  22. Have you people seen this video?
  23. People who grew up on farms.
  24. Post removed
  25. Reaction of meateaters to one of my posts - outreagous!