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  1. ignorant people and healthcare staff !
  2. The grass fed fallacy
  3. Double standard of vivisectionists
  4. Further evidence that meat causes serious brain damage
  5. I'm sat here crying
  6. "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"
  7. "Should I Eat Meat"
  8. Daily Mail - Inside Slaughter Houses
  9. Jamie Oliver epic fail! (For Snowflower)
  10. amazed at how dumb some people are
  11. When to speak up and when to keep quiet
  12. especially irritated today
  13. Veganism, atheism and masturbation
  14. 'Weird' thought on meat industry -V- holocaust
  15. "You have to always be right, don't you?"
  16. The hunting argument
  17. All I can say is REALLY?????
  18. nut loaf not safe for children????
  19. a positive family experience
  20. My first vegan Christmas - went quite well...
  21. "Chicken is a vegetable"
  22. Male chicks-feeding birds of prey
  23. I'm finding it really hard to exist knowing i'm surrounded by idiots
  24. Oh sorry, I didn't realise nutroast was poisonous and vegetables make you sick!
  25. How do you cope with a difficult relative?