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  1. Things meat eaters say and do
  2. Responding to questions and comments from non-vegans
  3. Top 50: Comments from non-vegans
  4. Another Ridiculous Anti-Veg Statement
  5. Omnis not understanding veganism is a *choice*
  6. standing up for my veganism? help please!
  7. How to win an argument with a meat-eater
  8. Why do meat-eaters preach?
  9. A story about a confrontation with an omni
  10. Best argument for omnivorous lifestyle
  11. Bloody culture
  12. Dealing with opionated omnis
  13. apparently fish are different and killed by chance?
  14. "I'm just not sure if I believe animals have souls"
  15. 'Vegetarianism results in more animal deaths'
  16. i found this to be quite infuriating
  17. Forcing vegan views on others
  18. "Without hunting, the animals would starve"
  19. Meat eating and alzheimers
  20. hello!
  21. "if you don't eat lamb, you're UnAustralian"
  22. farming on marginal land
  23. "Where would all the animals go?"
  24. Nice things people say
  25. Link: "Stupid Things Omnivores Say: My Ancestors Ate Meat So I Should Too"