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  1. Please list all of the reasons why you are a vegan
  2. 176 questions & comments about veganism/vegetarianism
  3. Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?
  4. When did you switch to a vegan diet?
  5. Your personal vegan story
  6. Where does veganism stand in society ?
  7. On a desert island with only an animal - would you eat it?
  8. Donald Watson: A man to remember
  9. Crafty ways to end ignorance
  10. Vegan authorities that cause harm to the vegan movement?
  11. The definition of vegan
  12. What do you reckon the meat industry does to save itself (and fight veg*nism?)
  13. The Vegan Forum and diluted veganism
  14. Positive (side) effects of going vegan
  15. Peter Singer
  16. Veganism in the 1960's
  17. 100+ reasons to go vegan
  18. When, where did you first hear the word vegan ?
  19. Slaughterhouse vs. strawberry harvest: Can plants feel pain?
  20. How many vegans?
  21. Scary shopping carts....
  22. Does anyone know of an all vegan village/town/city?
  23. The vegan continuum
  24. Do some people not agree (physically) with a vegan diet?
  25. How Old Were You....