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  1. Twentynine B12 related facts (or "facts"?)
  2. The B12 research collection
  3. Pam Rotella's B12 site
  4. B12, chlorine in water - and birth defects
  5. Vegan-straight-edge on B12
  6. Tapeworm and B12
  7. The importance of B12
  8. B12 and parasites
  9. I got a stern warning about B-12
  10. B vitamins & sugar
  11. Vitamin B12 Question
  12. B12 overdose?
  13. Long-Term Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Diet Impairs Vitamin B-12 Status in Pregnant Women
  14. Can too much vitamin C can destroy B12 absorption?
  15. B12 is synthesized by single-celled microbes
  16. B12 in soil - and soil depletion of nutrients
  17. Is meat a more 'natural' B12 source than plants - if animals need B12 supplements?
  18. Nitrous oxide from cars may be causing a growing, world-wide vitamin B12 deficiency
  19. B12 Testing?
  20. Was Victor Herbert a reliable B12 information source?
  21. Link between gluten intake and B12 deficiency?
  22. What brand B12 supplement do you use - if you use any?
  23. B12 intake for non-vegans
  24. Vitamin B12 and cooking
  25. Food for thought: At what levels is B12 absorption best?