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  5. TapaTalk support!
  6. Forum Runner support!
  7. You didn't go vegan for health reasons. You *eat* vegan for health reasons :)
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  9. 2012: Are you using a smartphone? iPad? Laptop? Other?
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  11. Please report bugs and quirks after today's software update (if you find any)!
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  14. The new trolls / troll like behavior
  15. Profile picture
  16. Been down a few hours - new software!
  17. Is access to the forum OK again now?
  18. "You don't have permission to access /forums/newthread.php on this server."
  19. Downtime drama last week, registration problems, missing Contact Us link
  20. Update re. the security issues we've had (good news!)
  21. Registration info
  22. Help finding recipes on the forum
  23. "Security hole" fixed - Veganforum is again McAfee-approved!
  24. Hello from "old" member a "newbie" now - 20 years vegan