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  1. Two different ways of writing about athletes living on a vegan diet
  2. Doubling of college vegans, dramatic increase of vegan options
  3. Subway introduces three new vegan sandwiches
  4. [gossip] "Director James Cameron switches to vegan diet: Eating meat destroys the planet"
  5. [gossip] Experts extol health virtues of plant-based diet as Hollywood stars go vegan
  6. [gossip] "Dax Shepard switches to vegan diet: 'My life is 15% better'"
  7. [gossip] "Singer Chaka Khan credits vegan diet and fasting for stunning 60-weight loss"
  8. [gossip] Comedian Steve-O: Why I Went Vegan
  9. "Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers"
  10. Elephant learns to speak Korean
  11. "Would you eat your dog?" (PETA to Nevada kids)
  12. India textbook says meat eaters lie and commit sex crimes !
  13. Evil Coffee: Kopi Luwak
  14. This is now a forum for vegans only
  15. Great clip of woman rescuing fox from hounds
  16. Elephants in Siberia?!
  17. "SAD may be trending veggie as people discover less meaty, more healthy fare"
  18. [gossip] More celeb gossip
  19. Tennessee dog dies Thursday because he is "gay"
  20. 'Shocking Experiment Reveals That Crabs Really Do Feel Pain'
  21. Justin Timberlake repping for the animals with "Veganville" SNL skit! Oh yes!
  22. Getting animals in view
  23. 'Why I Went Vegan:' Stories From Vegetarian Muslims
  24. Vegan related Google alerts
  25. Can dogs smell cancer?