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  1. I highly recommened these sites..
  2. PSU's Solar Powered Home
  3. Climate Friendly Food
  4. food storage
  5. Livestock accounts for at least 51 percent of annual worldwide greenhouse gases
  6. Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet (The Times)
  7. Global Warming Hearing with Sir Paul McCartney and Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri
  8. "Stop eating Meat - and heal our Planet!" petition
  9. Conference of United Nations about climat change 7-18 of december
  10. Climate change and meat consumption/veg*ism
  11. Does Vegan Society have an official disagreement with these people?
  12. "Humans are Omnivores" statement - ugh!
  13. Abolitionism, Peak Oil and Climate Change
  14. "We think we are one, we act as if we are one, but we are not one"
  15. Special Appeal from the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary - Help Our Chilean Friends
  16. "Ardi casts doubt on the notion that we have an innate killer instinct"
  17. A Closer Look at Evolutionary Faces
  18. Plant based diets, cholesterol and heart disease in the 21st century (2003)
  19. "Paleolithic vegetarianism" (2001)
  20. Smart Water's plastic content
  21. Sixty percent of adults still can't digest milk
  22. Know any really good quality sites about climate change?
  23. "Are humans omnivores?" (John Coleman, 2008)
  24. Not shopping in supermarkets
  25. 'HOME' (a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand)