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  1. Carbon footprint of milk in drinks
  2. Raw Paleo Diet?
  3. Early chefs left indelible mark on human evolution
  4. chem trails does anyone else know about these?
  5. "Cancer 'is purely man-made', say scientists"
  6. Well written article on the vegan utopia
  7. The ignorance of some people!!
  8. Penn and Teller B*shit on Recycling.
  9. Every office should have one...
  10. The effect of meat consumption on body odor attractiveness
  11. "Pyramids of Waste" (Planned obsolescence documentary)
  12. The human appendix
  13. How to use solar cells to harness the sunís energy.
  14. - A discovery that upsets conventional wisdom about early humanity's diet
  15. Why we can't digest cellulose
  16. Affluence and meat-eating
  17. (How) Do You Save Energy?
  18. "Into Africa? Fossils Suggest Earliest Anthropoids Colonized Africa"
  19. Pepsi make 100% plant based bottle
  20. Brain 'survival' function and veganism
  21. Incredible artwork by Chris Jordan
  22. Attack of the space junk
  23. "The Natural Human Diet"
  24. Meat eating and human violence
  25. Was there a period in our evolution when we had to to use animals to survive?