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  1. Bad air linked to cancer-causing gene changes in fetuses
  2. Johns Hopkins Uni recommends vegan diet to combat global warming
  3. Ozone layer could develop hole over Britain
  4. largest road building "company" in the US is the National Parks Department
  5. Demise of the water vole research technique unwittingly contributing to the
  6. Aceh's battered coastline
  7. Earth has suffered irreversible damage
  8. Vegan lifestyle lessens effects of factory farms
  9. UK may be worst in world for waste
  10. Ban mercury
  11. Half billion people around the world will celebrate the 35th Earth Day
  12. The dinosaurs evolved....
  13. B12: How natural is the vegan diet?
  14. Wildflower Feared Extinct Found in Calif
  15. 5000 year old tribe still on a vegan diet
  16. Toxin BPA Contaminates Plastic Beverage Containers
  17. Bush's climate row aide joins oil giant
  18. 'Vegetarianism 'could help climate''
  19. Chernobyl in pictures
  20. Warming hits 'tipping point
  21. Nuclear Lesser of Two Evils
  22. Bush is saying the impact of Hurricane Katrina is worse than 9/11 'attack'
  23. We are way too dependent on automobiles here in US
  24. Cows eat more pesticides than humans...
  25. Global warming 'past the point of no return