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  2. Vegan benefits on business site
  3. Vegan/non-vegan: Does 'natural' matter?
  4. We're going off the grid!
  5. Cancer, adaptation and the definition of 'omnivores'
  6. NPR: Vegan diets help you life longer
  7. Do vegans have nicer body odour
  8. coal train halted by activists
  9. Global food crisis
  10. Bovine Growth Hormone 'Could Cut CO2 Emissions'
  11. Mystery of the meat-eaters' molecule
  12. The mysteries of birth, pain, twins and fertility
  13. The Camp for Climate Action 2008
  14. Operation Goodness: Earth, Starvation, Animals, Recycling etc
  15. BBC: Starch 'fuel of human evolution'
  16. Jo Stepaniak on selecting foods that best sustain the Earth/animals/ourselves
  17. 4000 years without fish
  18. Car sharing
  19. Apes 'Ape' More Rationally Than Humans
  20. Science Daily: Extra Gene Copies Were Enough To Make Early Humans' Mouths Water
  21. Toxic Phthalates Commonly Found in Baby Powders, Lotions and Shampoos
  22. Anyone have geothermal heating?
  23. Vegan diet, blood pressure and the human species' adaption to animal products
  24. Celtic revolt against GM in the UK
  25. What do we have in common?