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Jul 17th, 2006, 10:49 AM
Saw this on another vegan forum board and was asked to pass it on:

spoke to the woman concerned a couple of days ago. She is a long time vegan, and animal rights supporter. Her husband died seven years ago, and she has nobody to help her with the rescue. She is becoming increasingly disabled, and needs someone to help with the land and the animals. She is currently very isolated.


Please post the following widely.

Urgent help is required on a 6 acre holding, home to 69 rescued animals, near Aberystwyth in West Wales. The female owner has ME and is finding it increasingly difficult to look after the land and animals on her own. She is looking for an animal-friendly person who would be willing to do some manual work, such as pond clearing, fencing, clearing and cutting and generally help out with the animals.

If anyone is interested please contact Kelly at Animal Aid on 01732 364546 ext 227 or email kelly@animalaid.co.uk (kelly@animalaid.co.uk).


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