View Full Version : Americans turning veggie?

Sep 17th, 2004, 06:20 AM
Interesting article in Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/home/commerce/2004/09/15/cz_mt_0915organic.html

Sep 17th, 2004, 08:10 AM
Conagra Foods ???!!! :eek:

Kiva Dancer
Sep 18th, 2004, 02:53 AM
Great article - right up until the last half-paragraph.

Sep 19th, 2004, 01:30 AM
wow i didn't know kraft (ie phillip morris) owns boca! although i stopped eating boca burgers due to the hydrolyzed vegetable protein, this still kinda pisses me off.

Sep 20th, 2004, 02:04 PM
that's the same way I felt when I found out McDonald's owns Chipotle! :(

Sep 22nd, 2004, 07:38 AM
what is Chipotle?

Sep 22nd, 2004, 08:40 AM
chipotle, no idea, American product i guess...

i'd never heard of ConAgra either until i read that article. after searching the internet it seems their brands are mostly available in the U.S. too, but i've heard of a few of them.

disappointing to read that big companies are taking over smaller natural producers in order to make profit from the emerging dietary 'trend' - i knew that already though.

i didn't think it was that surprising that so-called 'baby boomers' (i hate that term!) are interested in soy foods, after all they are supposed to help with the menopause.

and yes, that last paragraph completely spoiled the otherwise fairly impartial tone of the article! :P

Sep 22nd, 2004, 01:32 PM
Oops! Sorry, Chipotle is a fast food Mexican restaurant. There's another chain called QDoba that did quite well. It's not fast food like Taco Bell crap. They have Burritos that are prepared in front of you. You choose the meat (or veggie black beans) and the toppings. They're really quite good. Ironically, Chipotle has a "food with integrity" philosophy. I hope they stay true to this even though McDeath has bought them. I know it's a marketing scheme, but every little bit helps. Here's a link in case anyone wants more info on "food with integrity". www.chipotle.com It's in the 'Eat' section.

Sep 23rd, 2004, 06:44 AM
Thanks uww :)