View Full Version : ADHD cash flow for the drug companies

Aug 18th, 2006, 01:15 PM
found these links put up on another general forum board and thought yet again u maybe interested to read.
Showing yet again that drug companies are nothing more than money greedy companies.

ADHD cash flow for drug companies

Dr Breggin is an amazing guy and wrote a book called 'Toxic Psychiatry'.

http://www.bestsyndication.com/Articles/2006/p/pringle_evelyn/031906_adhd_pharma.htm (http://www.bestsyndication.com/Articles/2006/p/pringle_evelyn/031906_adhd_pharma.htm)

Dr Breggin's site lists some of the court cases being brought against these drug companies.

http://www.breggin.com (http://www.breggin.com/)

also check out www.fightforkids.com (http://www.fightforkids.com/)

http://www.cchr.org/ (http://www.cchr.org/)