View Full Version : Vegan society meetings in Scotland (Aberdeen)

Michael Benis
Oct 9th, 2006, 08:41 PM
This message comes in reponse to Pygmy Goat's interest in attending Vegan Society meetings in Aberdeen with her child. It was sent by Vegan Society Chair George Rodger, who is not able to access the forum easily:

"It would be great if "pygmy goat" did become a local contact, we have few enough in Scotland. I agree 100 miles is a long way to come just to join my monthly group for lunch, but she will be very welcome to join us if coming to Aberdeen anyway on the first Sat of the month. (Best to let me know she's coming.) I don't know what gave her the idea children are not welcome, one of our regulars is a delightful four-year-old. (By the way, he and his equally delightful mother were featured in a "Scotsman" article about bringing up vegan children last year.) Unfortunately, I have lost some of my email addresses of vegans in my area, due to the collapse of my f2s email address. If anyone knows of anyone in the Aberdeen area who would like to meet other vegans socially, let me know at george_rodger1940@yahoo.co.uk"

George D Rodger

Oct 9th, 2006, 08:47 PM
Well, thankyou! :) .

This just goes to show that I am as guilty as anyone else in listening to, and believing, second hand 'facts' :o .

I was assured, by someone living locally, that kids were not welcome at the meet-ups. The reason it came up is because she was my first 'port of call' when I moved up here and I asked her if she'd like to attend one of the lunches with me (she declined). Because she is local and has a lot of 'contacts' I took her at her word when I should know by now always to check things out for myself :rolleyes: .

I've learnt a few lessons/been reminded of them recently. Again :rolleyes: .

Thanks again, anyway.