View Full Version : Moving home ASAP... to roundabout wherever (South as the general picture)

Oct 17th, 2006, 04:19 PM
I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE, EITHER AS A COUNCIL EXCHANGE OR OTHERWISE PRIVATE IF IT COMES TO THAT. I AM OPEN-MINDED and NEED YOUR INPUT OR OFFERS etc... or maybe you're a somebody that knows somebody who knows somebody sort of somebody (so much the better its all good, let me know).

I will begin to list some of the towns or cities (to be edited in shortly) I wouldn't mind living in (for all conceivable & practical reasons for work/whatever (volunteering in forestry maintainance as the main instance) AND most importantly all the things, everything and anything pertaining to life as a vegan) or being within reasonable distance of the following: (to be FULLY "edited in" shortly as I said)...but for now I can tell you, these may include as a general picture, anyplace from Bristol to Brighton... but predominantly near the South and best of all the NewForest would suit me the bestmost....including in that latter area, any major or minor town, as I can be flexible in that most prized location of where I wanna be.

I am even openminded to relocating someplace inbetween the Newforest & London and Brighton & London! I guess that means most of Sussex and Wessex huh(?)

Anyway, more suggestions of places/locations to come and offers of where I might be able to team up with other vegans or VEGAN (singular or plural) will of course be welcome opportunities and the more ASAP the better too!!!!!!

Thankyou for taking note, Please Be Sure To Come Back Soon To Check Out This Thread Again For More Of My Thoughts ON MOVING HOME, and of course any input anyone else might like to add, whatever your ideas maybe, and BTW, I'm particularly interested in the convenience of council/housing association housing, but that is not necessarily most important, Anyway, we shall see....

MY BASIC STATS: (to be edited in shortly) I am 32 and strict vegan and <_WILL ADD & EDIT MORE STUFF HERE IN A BIT__>, lets just meanwhile get me a chance here, perhaps along with a handful of others in the case of house sharing and creating that opportunity IF that is also something to explore as a possibility...!!!

Oct 29th, 2006, 09:07 AM
Most of the people who want to exchange in Bristol advertise through our local Trade It which you can access online. I would also check out the Bristol City Council website so you can contact one of the council offices as they also have books available in the offices for people who want to exchange.

The surrounding Councils are:
North Somerset (This includes places like Nailsea and Long Ashton)
South Gloucestershire (North Bristol and above)
Bath and North East Somerset (BANES)

So you could also check out their websites.
There are a few council exchange sites on the web as well, which you can search for.

I'm a council tenant as well, but don't want to move to the Midland -sorry.

I wouldn't give up your council tenant status if I were you, they're getting hard to come by these days!