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Oct 29th, 2006, 01:14 AM
So I bought some tofu today and I realized I'm not gonna need all of it at once...

How should I store it away after I use whatever chunk I want out of it? Do I cut what I want out while it's still in the water then just tape up the tub again? Should I just drain it all then put the tofu in a container and in the fridge?:confused:

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:38 AM
I put it in another container, like a reusable Tupperwear or Glade container. I then fill it with cold water and keep it in the fridge that way. Every day I change the water and smell it to make sure it doesn't smell bad. Once it smells bad, and you'll know it when you smell it, chuck it out.

You can freeze it but I never had success with that. My frozen tofu always turns into mush once it's defrosted.

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:42 AM
I have a container I can put it in...but I'd NEED to fill it up with cold water? Tofu has to be in water?

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:44 AM
Yes, you should fill it up with water so it doesn't dry out. If you bought your tofu not floating in water, it didn't dry out because it sealed very well.

Either way, it's not a big deal to fill it up with water...

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:49 AM
The tofu I have is currently in water.

The container I have is apparently air tight but I guess I'll fill it up with water just in case. Thanks for the help, Tigerlily =)

Oct 29th, 2006, 01:04 AM
No problem. :)

Oct 29th, 2006, 02:18 PM
what tigerlily said. in a sealed tub with water, i usually refresh the water daily too.

Oct 29th, 2006, 05:09 PM
I often freeze mine but I usually do it with a whole unopened pack, and only with the firm, not silken. I had been just letting it defrost on it's own before but just a few days ago I had quite good sucess using it in the microwave on the defrost setting - although I think it changed the texture again, but not horrible. It didn't taste any different anyway! I had it crumbled as scramble.

Mar 3rd, 2007, 01:08 PM
I never bother with the water.. If it's sealed airtight it can't dry out anyway..

Apr 24th, 2007, 05:26 PM
I find my scramble almost works better with frozen and thawed tofu - don't know why tho. Another option could be to bake/stir fry the leftover stuff in a bit of marinade and use it for sandwiches. Personal favourite - in pitta pockets with cooked mushroom and raw spinach.