View Full Version : organic tim tams?

Dec 13th, 2006, 01:15 AM

My brother has recently had a baby and in the 10 months that little Ned has been with us his mum and him have been lucky enough to taste only all organic food (my brother is a horticulture major and knows some things the general public dose not).

We all think this is cool as, except Neds Grandad wants desperately to give Ned his first Tim Tam (nasty multinational grievances aside). So you see the problem, Ned cant have tim tams as they are not organic and this makes grandad sad.

Can you help? Is there an organic version of the tim tam? are Leda Choculance Biscuits organic? Thanks for the read, if you have any ideas so we can help grandad give Ned one of the simple pleasures in life with out compromising our stand on GE, chemicals, and evil multinationals please drop us a line.

Trip on

Neds Uncle