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Jan 5th, 2007, 02:35 PM
1/05/07...for immediate release...
For info: 818-623-6477

It's time to take vivisectors to the mat for what they do to animals...CHYNA is so mad, she wants to "kick their ass"!!!

"UCLA Animal-Experimenter CELEBRITY-SMACKDOWN 2007"

... a celebrity-powered march for animals -
including "CHYNA" - at UCLA, Friday, January 19, noon, Westwood Blvd at LeConte...march at 12:30pm...DETAILS BELOW>>>
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All concerned citizens are invited to stand up and be counted for the animals, and march - peacefully and legally - against cruelty...
Join former WWF superstar "CHYNA" (JOANIE LAURER), the BARBI TWINS, PAMELYN FERDIN (and other celebrities to be announced) in the march to KNOCK OUT "vivisection" (unnecessary, cruel, torturous, deadly, wasteful, scientifically- fraudulent animal experimentation) conducted on the UCLA campus.
After radio talk show host BOB LINDEN ("GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN" www.GoVeganRadio.com (http://www.GoVeganRadio.com) ) was rejected by the UCLA Chancellor for an interview regarding the Chancellor's assertions of medical progress advanced by UCLA animal experimentation (and admitting to 950 current animal experiments), LINDEN was again rejected in his request for a tour of the experimentation facilities. In response, LINDEN decided that a march on campus would be appropriate to help build public awareness of the publicly-funded atrocities of vivisection -squandering $200 million annually by UCLA alone - and actually hindering medical advancement.
"If they want to keep doing that to animals, I want to kick their ass", CHYNA exclaimed in response to the injustices of vivisection where the strong overpower and abuse the weak - for greed.
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"UCLA Animal-Experimenter CELEBRITY-SMACKDOWN 2007"
Friday January 19th...Meet at noon at Westwood Blvd and LeConte...March on campus at 12:30pm
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Marching alongside CHYNA will be cover models, the BARBI TWINS, and actress PAMELYN FERDIN (iconic child star who gained fame in "Star Trek", and as the voice of "Lucy" in "Peanuts", and as Tony Randall's daughter in "The Odd Couple") More celebrity participation will be announced...
The BARBI TWINS will also be promoting the new movie from Academy Award - winning film maker CURT JOHNSON, for which they served as Associate Producers. They will attend a sneak preview screening of "Your Mommy Kills Animals", along with CHYNA and FERDIN on the day after the march - Saturday, January 20, 2pm - 6pm, at the American Film Institute, 2021 N. Western Avenue in LA. Details are at www.GoVeganRadio.com (http://www.GoVeganRadio.com)