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Apr 28th, 2004, 07:51 AM

we are exposed to electro-magnetic fields (EMF) when being near electrical equipment, fluorescent lights, driving in a car or train, talking in a mobile phone or surfing the net.

There's a lot of info suggesting that being exposed to various forms of EMF can affect (reduce) the levels of various minerals and vitamins.

EMF doesn't only affect humans, but the food itself - through freezing (or keeping food in a fridge), electrical heating (as opposed to using gas/wood), use of food processors and so on.

Some quotes:

From http://www.ylana.com/radiate.htm :
"Florescent lights in milk counters have been shown to destroy 30% of the vitamin A in the milk in just 24 hours. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system. If uncleared, what are these lights doing to those working under them for extended periods of time? "

From http://www.ortho.lsumc.edu/Faculty/Marino/EL/EL8/Intermed.html
"Exposure of rats to 570 µW/cm 2, 2 GHz, for 15 days (3 hr./day) led to a decrease in vitamin B6 levels in blood, brain, liver, kidney, and heart; the levels of the vitamin in skeletal muscle increased".

About cobalt, which is the core atom in the B12 vitamin:
"Cobalt itself is naturally magnetic with unusually high permeability to magnetic fields. [...] Amazingly we are just learning what nature has unseeingly already known. By stopping EMFês from penetrating our cells, we prevent DNA damage which leads to healthy cell division." http://www.rfsafe.com/Why_RF_Radiation_Safe.htm

About "Low frequency pulsed magnetic fields" and therapeutic effect of chemicals:
"When LFMF (Low frequency pulsed magnetic fields ) was combined with adriamycin (doxorubicin), cisplatin, mitimycin C, and other chemotherapeutic drugs, LFMF improved the transport of drugs into cells and reduced the therapeutic dose of these drugs." 14-16 http://brightspot.org/cresearch/magfields.html

If you eat plant based food that has been exposed to chemical fertilizers (instead of cow dung), been watered with water that has been chlorinated (and transported in copper tubes), been blanched/frozen, and then cooked in a microwave owen or on an electrical stove - and maybe even has gone through a food processor AND been exposed to a lot of light, the nutrient levels, including vitamin B12 levels, most likely have been reduced.... seven times. Wait, the food isn't fresh any longer either, that makes it eight. Oh, and the heat itself (not only the EMF from your heating) reduce vitamin levels too. Nine. And that's before it enters your body, which in itself most likely contains B12 reducing elements, like mercury (unless you never ate fish/use amalgam/have had vaccines)...

Don't blame it on the plants...

Jan 31st, 2005, 12:05 AM
If you read Swedish, here is an exerpt from http://www.malfall.se/kemi/syra-b12.html - with focus on the the hypothesis that electromagnetic fields from cell phones, radios, TVs etc causes an increased release of mercury from amalgam fillings into the body.

This could play an important role reducing B12 levels for most people - of course with more dramatic consequences for people who consume less B12 than others.

"Magnetfält ökar kvicksilverfrisättningen ur amalgamfyllningar. Detta
gäller framförallt de högfrekventa och de transienta magnetfälten. Exempel
på högfrekventa fält är radio- och mikrovågor från t.ex. mobiltelefoner och
länkförbindelser. Transienta fält är t.ex. lågenergilampor samt TVapparater
och bildskärmar med katodstrålerör, dvs. "vanliga" ej platta

Jan 31st, 2005, 07:13 AM
I've read a bit about EMFs, but I felt too much concern about the fact that close to my head whilst sleeping, there is an electronic clock that I need to check, a cd player that I can switch on whilst in bed, and a lamp within reach. At the other side of the small single bedroom is my computer though I switch off the power at the wall at night.

I gave up my mobile phone as I don't really need it. In the living room is a tv, video recorder, electric clock/radio etc. I gave away the microwave as it wasn't used for a long time. What I read caused me to worry, but I know that many people have many more items, and a friend has on the outside of her bedroom wall, all the power connections to the block of 16 units (apartments).

Are we worrying unnecessarily?

Jan 31st, 2005, 08:54 AM
After some problems with the in the house I live in, we had a guy from the electricity company here a little while ago. He told me about a case where someone he visited almost have given up on finding the cause of some serious health problems they had, where most of them disappeared after he discovered that the main power connections to all the apartments in that house was very close to where this person was sleeping (invisible, behind a wall) - after which he started to use another room as bedroom. Also, I heard on the news a couple of weeks ago that children who sleep with the lights on during night have an increased chance of getting leukemia. I think the side effects of electromagnetic fields goes far beyond vitamin (B12) deficiency. And I'm probably a little paranoid about this, as I spends at least 8 hours every day in a room with A LOT of electronic gear I use for my work.