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Feb 10th, 2007, 11:19 PM
I think emailing veggie food companies, health food stores and even supermarkets telling tham about products you'd love to see on the market is a great idea! What do you want to buy? Tell us and the whole forum can start emailing

I've recently been emailing them about non-soya products(it occured to me to do this as I am considering doing an elimination diet).

Here's one of my letters....

I thought this may be of some interest to your company.

I have recently started doing an elimination diet to try and determine whether my eczema is caused by a food intolerance, which I suspect could possibly be to soya or wheat/gluten.

I am a vegan already and have bought many of your vegan products.

I was wondering, however if your company had ever investigated the possibility of manufacturing a bean curd similar to tofu made with a bean other than the soya bean? I am sure there would be a niche in the market for a product such as this, the only other vegan meat alternatives I can see on the market are wheat based seitan type products, which contain another very common allergen.

Another niche I can see on the market might be for non-soya "dairy" type products such as yogurts, desserts, creams, ice-creams etc. There are already many rice, oat and nut milks on the market but none of these things however.

I hope this letter provides new product ideas for yourselves that may in turn become products allergy sufferers and vegans would highly appreciate.

Feb 11th, 2007, 12:47 AM
I definitely think that's a wholly worthwhile thing to do. :)

To be honest, I cannot see why the various companies have not done so already, definitely an available gap in the market.