View Full Version : Grrr, Real California Cheese

Feb 21st, 2007, 10:07 PM
Most of you who live in the USA have probably seen the real california cheese "happy cows" commercials. i sent an email to them expressing my concern about their deceitful advertising and i got the following response:

"The vast majority of California’s more than 2,000 dairy farms are owned by families who live and work on the farm. Cow comfort and overall well-being is a management herd philosophy that is adopted by proud dairy producers throughout the state.

All of our commercials are filmed on actual dairy farms. The type of dairy farms depicted in our commercials dot the hillsides of California from the far north-- Humboldt and Del Norte counties-- to Marin and Sonoma counties where many of our commercials are filmed, all the way south to San Diego county where many of our dairy families have operated family-owned dairy farms for generations. One series of commercials was filmed near Santa Ynez, just north of Santa Barbara. We encourage you to drive through California’s dairy regions, we’re sure you’ll find some of the most beautiful, idyllic dairy farms you’ll find anywhere in the world. Living environments can differ throughout the state due to California’s diverse geography so Dairy operations are not all the same. You’ll notice this if you travel through the drier, flatter parts of our state- Tulare county for example-- where covered enclosures, more modern feeding practices and other health and herd comfort measures are taken to ensure happy, healthy cows (yes, a happier cow does produce more milk, so dairymen put herd health and safety first on their list of priorities).

For more information, please visit www.RealCaliforniaCheese.com. Click on Press Room/ Industry News/ Background/ “Today’s California Dairies – Care of Dairy Cows in California”

And to find out more about dairy farm practices, animal care and environmental impact, visit www.DairyFarmingToday.org"

uh WTF? the sad part is that most people will believe this.