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Feb 18th, 2008, 09:08 AM

Before we were vegan, Rice Slice was our absolute favourite of the alternative cheeses for sandwiches etc (still think red cheezly best for sauces). Personally I can't eat any of the soya slices, so am living in a world without cheese and pickle sandwiches which is very sad and much missed.
However, I'm really excited as I've recently found out that Galaxy Foods are making Rice Slice Vegan which is available in the US but doesn't seem to have reached the UK yet. I've asked all my local independent health food shops to request it and spoken to one of the suppliers, but they just said they would 'let the importers know'.
I was told recently in my local branch of Holland and Barrett that they don't stock Rice Slice anymore as most people looking for cheese alternatives are looking for dairy free, so I sent an email to their head office letting them know about the vegan version because I thought if they request it (being such a large chain) the importers might do something about supplying it.
The Vegan society have suggested I do what I'm doing now, which is to tell all of you and ask you to start requesting it from all your local retailers and also Holland and Barratt as well. Having a cheese alterative that is dairy-free and not soya based has got to be popular. (I surely can't be the only person who doesn't like the taste or smell of the others??)
Demand is what eventually effects supply, so thanks to everyone who will ask for it. :)

Mar 27th, 2008, 10:49 PM
Rice slices now without the casein?? GOOD NEWS! I work and H&B and my branch does stock it... if your local H&B does do chilled foods, they should be able to order it for you.. I haven't tried rice slices (only been vegan for a few months anyway), but I prefer rice milk much more than soya milk, so would be definately up for trying something like this. I will check the label at work tomorrow to see if it reall is casein free as it wasn't the last time I checked :confused:

Mar 31st, 2008, 06:42 AM
YES! Galaxy Foods has made rice slices and shredded "cheese" that are purely vegan!!! no casein. I went to whole foods and they had both for sale there, but as I am not very excited about supporting such a name brand store... i looked to my local health food store and to my surpise they carried the rice block, slices, and shredded. I bought the mozzerella and it is absolutely delicious and melts very well!!!

Mar 31st, 2008, 07:08 AM
I don't think we have that up here yet. The only rice "cheese" products I've seen, aren't vegan.