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Apr 5th, 2008, 02:39 PM
Me and Corum were so pleased to find this spring near us, one of, if not THE, purest ever found, it's been in the news a lot too.


Prior to this we'd go to Glastonbury to get spring water for our nefarious purposes. Of course we drink normal tap water but it's lovely to have a local spring where you can fill up your own glass bottles and use for healing, ritual whatever :)

We went up there this morning, it's only a few miles from home cross country to fill up a months worth of containers.

It's really refreshing, the well is in a field and the pump is inside a large shed - no marketing ploys, no expensive buildings or salespeople, just Farmer Giles and his shed - brilliant!

Apr 5th, 2008, 02:41 PM
that's nice, pretty name, too :).

Apr 5th, 2008, 02:45 PM
and you just fill up for free?

Apr 5th, 2008, 02:54 PM
and you just fill up for free?

No it's not free, it is a business but it's very cheap. He spent 50,000 getting the bore hole sunk through 5 feet of rock and had to sell his house to pay for it. There are very few natural springs with that level of minerals in them as far as I am aware, not to mention the pollutant aspect, as it's all below ground it doesn't get contaminated like natural streams etc and you can fill up using non plastic containers so better in my opinion than buying mineral wter that's been shipped all over the world and has sat in plastic bottles for who knows how long.

Here we can get it pumped up straight from underground.

We do also drink rainwater and overland spring water but you never know what's been wading in it:)

It's a rosy colour and seems "thicker" somehow than tap water much like the spring at Glastonbury.

Apr 5th, 2008, 05:14 PM
... one of, if not THE, purest ever found ...

... There are very few natural springs with that level of minerals in them as far as I am aware ...Erm... Either it's pure (as in pure water with nothing else in it), or it's full of minerals. Not quite sure how it can be both at the same time. ;)

Apr 5th, 2008, 05:32 PM
That's what I was thinking.

Apr 5th, 2008, 05:46 PM
Maybe Hemlock means pure as in not contaminated with pollution.

Sounds like a great find Hemlock! I wish I lived near something like that. I don't drink tap water.

Apr 5th, 2008, 06:47 PM
I think the nearest one to me is Peckham Spring ;) :D