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Apr 22nd, 2008, 11:38 PM
Thanks to all who rung!

They got some of the babies out - all that they could see though some are no doubt left there to starve to death. They did get a bunch out which is great news!

We got those 'rescued' birds taken to a sanctury, hopefully they will all live- one was so tiny it was still in its shell having just hatched, 6 were quite large ones, they also gave us got a lot of eggs.

The remaining birds have been sealed inside the mesh...they want to see if they use the 'exit cones'. So i got to get there now every day and be checking if they are still there, and watching and videoing alot, and trying to coax them out.

Well lets hope my cynical nature is jsut very cynical and no one kills off the ones left inside as if they dont get out then that is posers problem for them also.

It makes me sick how they can seal in birds, and because they cant reach all the nooks and crannies, some babies are probably left to starve to death.

net work rail should not be allowed to put up netting at such high places, unless they are prepared to reach that high up to get stranded animals.

It makes me sick the idea of animals sealed in and left to die. it is really horrible when you see them first hand trying to reach the older babies through the wire. Goodness knows how many small ones died during that time as they can't move to the mesh to try and get fed.


Birds were sealed in and left to die now need to make sure they are not killed or sealed in again.

see baby pigeon sealed in behind netting trying to get fed by parents outside.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssUjIYnmjSQ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssUjIYnmjSQ)
contains swear word, you may want to mute it.

On the corner of Druid Street and Tower Bridge Road in London, SE1.
There is a small flock of pigeons that were trying to live under the over bridge there.

There were many dying entangled in the thin wire mesh. Someone rang the RSPCA about this who then informed Transport for London, to fix the problem.

TfL then got pest controllers to come in and fix up all the tiny holes. They trapped birds inside netting and they had no escape to get out!

They had previously placed these so called ‘exit cones’ in the netting and have been saying that the birds use them to escape. However we have strong reason to believe this is NOT true as we have been down there for days taking videos and have not seen one bird use the so called exit cones. Instead they frantically tried escaping through any tiny hole, or risking there lives squeezing through tiny holes where many were previously entangled, high above the bridge.
They totally avoided these exit cones. We believe these cones don’t even work and are used to placate the public when they voice concerns about the pigeons being trapped alive.

Even if these exit cones did work, the babies would then die!! There are baby birds trapped behind the net, they are dependant on the parents being able to get inside the net to feed them.

It is a wild life crime to cause suffering by trapping birds behind nets like this and leaving them to slowly starve.

The next few days someone must have put holes in the mesh to allow the parents into feed there babies. The birds can fly in and out now.

However tfL are now going to ‘clear’ the birds out.
We are trying to get TfL to
Clear them out humanely
To allow a welfare group to be there or consult on how it is done, and not have these pest controllers there having free reign to kill them. The ‘pest ' controllers have already shown that were willing to trap live birds and have babies starve to death. To get the advice of a Pigeon Advisory Group such as PiCAS on humane control methods.

I was there when they were fixing the nets and they kept saying they couldn’t see the babies. It is high up so only they could see, everyone - even they could hear them the babies squeaking for their parents, but they would not stop!

The next day the babies had moved to the edge of the net to try get near the parents outside and are now visible to the street.

Please contact TfL and tell them to do the right thing! So many birds slowly die when getting entangled in these horrible nets.

Transport for London

their phone number: 0207 960 4050 . They will ask where you got the number as it is not a listed one. I think telling them you are a concerned citizen or a friend gave it to you, or a welfare group is a good idea.

Also has a list of their contact numbers. Complaints department says it will write back..http://www.tfl.gov.uk/contact/4417.aspx

The pigeons are on the corner of Druid Street and Tower Bridge Road in London, SE1.

We are hoping that the birds are treated humanely and that

· a welfare group rep allowed there when they are clearing the birds & allowed to check or it done with advise of a welfare group
the pigeons cleared out humanely
The babies handed over so they can be given to a sanctuary.· An organisation like PiCAS to advise them on humane and efficient control methods instead of these cases of trapping them alive.
If want to also ask them why they are using the cheap mesh that causes birds to become entangled and snared. They can stay entangled suffering for says before they die. This entanglement is what prompted someone to ring the RSPCA in the first place, as there were 4 fresg corpses to be seen in the netting and more old ones as well.Thank you!

Please post anywhere if you think it would help.

Apr 23rd, 2008, 12:22 AM
Hello can this be moved back to a bigger forum?

people outside the UK can still email TfL.

Apr 24th, 2008, 06:43 PM
please dont ring at the moment.

TfL are going to clear the birds out tommorrow morning.
hopefully they will allow us to have the baby birds to take to a sanctury.

I am praying that the pest controllers hand over all the babies and that no bird is left sealed in behind the nets to slowly die.

It is illegal them doing that, but because it is pigeons, and the pest controlelrs tell the worried public who walk past that the pigeons use the 'exit cones' to get out, which is UNTRUE, people jsut think it is OK.

if it was a cat or dog or horse or rat people might care. I have watched these birds and they are very caring parents and it is going to be horrible watching them take the babies from the parents and chasing them out.

i really hate humans sometimes.

it is very common for pigeons to be sealed in behind nets and left to slowly die.