View Full Version : Former Lab Animals Need Homes - Philly and Upstate NY

May 19th, 2008, 09:16 PM
These animals are in the Philadelphia area, and there is also an upstate NY connection.

Please repost to other rescue lists.

Dear Animal Advocates,
The good folks at the Humane League down in Philadelphia have had the blessing/ burden of convincing a nearby University to allow the release/rescue of the rats used in repetitive, pointless classroom psychology experiments. Only this year, there are nearly double as many rats as we've had in previous years- 70 rats, and whichever ones we can't find homes for will be killed. The past two years we've been fortunate enough - thanks in significant part to your help and compassion - to find homes for all of them.This year, I am all but certain we will not be able to find homes for all 70. Emails to rescue lists and myspace bulletins have gotten us very few offers to help. So, every home that we can find and every rat that we can adopt out is going to be a life saved. These rats are going to be gassed with carbon monoxide in late June if we have not found homes for them by that time. Again, any rat adopted is literally a life saved as we will not find homes for all of them. As in previous years the rats are all white albino males, very friendly and sociable.

Contact me at waterisvegan@gmail.com and specify the following:

**if you live in the upstate NY area and can adopt or foster a rat

**if you do not live in the upstate NY area but are still interested in helping in this situation