View Full Version : fennel and tomato

Jun 28th, 2008, 11:48 AM
makes about 20 so good for caterers but ye know easy peasy to half or make smaller amounts.

8 fennel bulbs
2 cans tomatos( or if yer hardcore like me make up a tonne of tommies yerself and blend em a bit)
4 liters stock of yer choice home made is the one here for moi!
aniseed a few of theese
a shot of good pastise of yer choice
olive oil
a small onion
blistered red peppers if ye want

cut the fennel up nice! onto a roasting tray with aniseeds and pastise under grill and swet them out for a couple of mins until ye smell that lovely smell.

in a pot ye have the onion sweating in the olive oil. add the fennell and sweat down some more. add yer tommies and heat up good then adding in yer stock.
now if ye have blistered peppers done skins flayed an all that add em in here.
blitz the soup. then strain theough chinois back into a clean pot and simmer for 10 mins. soup done!