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Jul 22nd, 2008, 07:22 PM
Hello All,

I have just eaten some soya sausage and soya frankfurters (which were delicious, by the way!) made by this Polish company.

Due to curiosity, I looked them up on the net, only to find that there was a report of a recent incident of contamination by meat at their factory. The company apologised but stated that consumers should not fear for their health! They also stated that they would put measures in place to ensure that this did not happen again. I'm wondering now if their products are OK for vegans to eat. The website carried a photo of the allegedly contaminated sliced sausage, and yes, it could have been meat, but there again it may not have been. Certainly it was an ingredient which was, thankfully absent from the slicing sausage I consumed. Has anyone any further information on this or been to Poland recently and eaten Polsoya products?

Incidentally, the person who from whom I obtained the sausage and frankfurters is himself a strict vegan.

In concern,