View Full Version : Flatbread recipe

flying plum
Oct 15th, 2008, 12:46 PM
the lack of middle-eastern food in Zagreb (and Croatia generally) has resulted in something of a Falafel Fest being planned at my flat for friday night.

everyone is bringing something, and i said i would take on the task of sourcing some appropriate bread. well...flatbread or pitta bread or anything seems to be hard to find. i'm going to go to the big marks and spencers i saw to see if THEY have a food section, but otherwise (and maybe anyway) i thought i might try to make it.

i wanted to avoid using yeast if possible (which i kind of thought was a necessity for flatbread, but not according to the recipes i found on the net), and just stick with bread flour, water etc...so, anyone got a good recipe?