View Full Version : Cereal milk, who knows how it's done?

Apr 16th, 2009, 09:33 AM

As probably quite a lot of you, I have tried doing my cereal milk at home (oat, rice, whatever) and have miserably failed. Everyone goes on about how easy you can make it, especially now since milk machines are available all over the place, but this is a completely disgusting beverage that isn't even close to the actual thing. Taste matters apart, some might like it or not, the truth is that cereal milk that you can buy in packs (like rice dream, etc) is made with MALTED cereal. This is why the homebrew kinda stuff more closely resembles some dodgy "slurry water" as someone said on another topic ;)

So, I was wondering if anyone knew how the industrial cereal milk was actually done. Apart from knowing it's done with malted (sprouted then heated) cereals, I haven't got a clue on what the actual process is. Hoping you have read this carefully and have any relevant hints to share with me, I'll be eager to read your replies. :)