View Full Version : Synthetic Beeswax?!?

Dec 28th, 2004, 02:14 AM
What is synthetic beeswax? And how is it made?

Dec 28th, 2004, 02:22 AM
Are you talking about paraffin? It is distilled petroleum. In its food-grade state it is supposed to be safe to eat.

Dec 28th, 2004, 02:29 AM
I saw it listed as an ingredients in eyeliner...

Dec 28th, 2004, 02:34 AM
Not a very forthright way to name an ingredient.

Dec 31st, 2004, 12:38 AM
Hi cobainist403!
Synthetic beeswax aka Microcrystalline wax it is a synthetic blend of beeswax and Paraffin. These waxes come from the distillation of crude oil. They have taken the place of natural waxes such as beeswax because of lower cost and availability. It is mainly used as a substitute for other waxes in laminating paper and foils, as well as for polishes, and has made its way into the beauty industry.

You can find it listed here ( http://www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep/healtheffectbycategory.php?ewg_cat=Lip%20Makeup) second group from the bottom. Although nothing serious has been reported in regards to this ingredient it has ‘other health concerns’. Which is not discussed.