View Full Version : New vegan from Italy to NY!!!

May 13th, 2004, 05:41 PM
Hello everybody!
I'm new, I'm a student from Italy and I'm vegan, so I think NY city is now my vegan paradise.
I'm sorry if I don't write correct american english, but I'm learning.
I'd happy if someone correct my english.
I nead some help.
I'm studing at NYU Law School, (really I will start monday) and I will stay at school all day, so I nead some hint: where and what could I eat near Astor Place?
I'm crazy for soy ice cream, where coud I buy near school?
Thank you very much,

May 13th, 2004, 08:34 PM
hi marilena78, welcome to the forum. hope you meet many friends here.
you expressed yourself very well - well done


May 14th, 2004, 12:55 PM
Thank you cedar!!!
I hope someone could help me in this "New Word".
New York is fantastic!

Jun 17th, 2004, 05:34 AM
Hi, and welcome.

I can help! ^_^

Whole Soy, and Soy Delicious, are extremely delicious and healthy vegan ice creams ^_^ they should be at a healthfood store.

I can also help you with english, i am originally from asia, so i know how it can be, now i help my mom a lot with her english as well, so if you have any question or need help, e it little or a lot, you can contact me ^_^

Hope you like it here!