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Jan 6th, 2005, 09:33 PM
America deserves a safe, clean, affordable energy future. Currently, we are
overly dependent on oil and other dirty fossil fuels and waste too much energy.
Our 19th century energy policy ignores clean and proven technologies that would
help power the nation with less energy at lower costs. As a result, we are
harming the environment and public health while leaving consumers vulnerable to
fluctuating energy costs and an unreliable, cumbersome, over-centralized
electric grid.

We can use America's technological know-how to increase production from clean
renewable sources of energy and make our cars, homes and appliances more energy
efficient. States across the country are putting clean energy policies into
action. It is time for the Bush administration and Congress to forge a new
energy path instead of relying on the outdated dirty and dangerous policies of
the past.

In each of the last four years, PIRG has led the fight to stop the Bush
administration's proposal for a dirty, dangerous energy bill that doesn't
deliver for consumers - and in each of the last four years, we've prevailed -
despite opposition from the oil, coal, nuclear, and gas industries, as well as
the Republican leadership, Democratic leadership, and the White House.

But we can't just rest on our laurels - even without passage of the dangerous
energy bill, pollution is continuing to increase, and we need to build on our
new victories to win support for a new energy future that delivers clean air,
affordable and reliable electricity, and freedom from reliance on foreign oil.

Your senator's support is critical to making this vision a reality.

Please take a moment to write your senators and ask them to support a clean
energy future. Then forward this email on to your friends and family so they can
help too.

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