View Full Version : Riverford Organics is brilliant!

Nov 2nd, 2009, 09:42 PM

For all you people in southern England please consider getting your fruit and veg here.
Me and Corum have been buying fruit and veg boxes from them for around 6 months now and cannot fault their prices or quality.
It is all organic produce and 20% cheaper than supermarkets. It's reduced our veg bill considerably and they deliver to the door so no more shopping.
They tell you what their carbon footprint is and are very eco friendly, you can change what's in your box to suit you online.
I'm 100% raw vegan and Corum is vegan but cooks and sometimes shares my raw food. It's made our lives so much easier and they recycle all their packaging too.
Check out the website!
We pay 20 a week now for all the fruit and veg we can eat and often have to freeze what's left.
The only other expenditure for us is the odd Linda McCartney pie for Corum and some raw tahini, nuts and other bits and pieces for me which I get cheap from Morrisons.
I didn't think I could afford to be a raw vegan but thanks to Riverfords I now can :)