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Mar 30th, 2010, 12:55 PM
My family was hanging out with my inlaws on Friday and everyone decided that they wanted to go out to dinner. Normally I jump in with the name of a restraunt that I know I can get something, but everyone decided they were in the mood for steak. I've tried eating at local steak houses before, there food is usually cooked in gallons of butter, salads are just iceberg lettuce and dairy products. I always have my snack bar in my purse, so I figured that would probably be dinner.

I took a look at the menu and asked a few questions and the waitress was so nice and helpful. I ordered a sweet potato minus the butter, steamed broccoli minus the butter and spices and a side salad with lemon, way more food than I needed, and it was exactly as I ordered it. Plus it was delicious. Every other time I've been to a steak house they roll their eyes and serve me something that I question its veganinity.

I am sure that a few people had to laugh at the little pickup truck in the steak house parking lot with the following bumper sticker:

No compassion, no peace
Know compassion, know peace

Mar 30th, 2010, 01:59 PM
Haha! That's great. Gotta love the Vegan bumper sticker at a steak house. It's funny Ive only been to Lone Star once or twice a long time ago before I was Vegan, and I got fish both times. And, I've had the sweet potato too, but I think it had cinnamon, sugar and butter on it. Nice to know there are options in a steak house though! I just heard of a restaurant new to my area called Seasons 52. They have alternative menus including Vegetarian, Vega, and Gluten free. And they claim that all of their meals are less than 500 calories. Looking forward to checking them out!

Mar 30th, 2010, 03:14 PM
That's pretty funny! I went to a steakhouse in Kathmandu about three years ago with an omni friend who hadn't eaten meat in almost three months. My friend ordered a steak and I ordered a veggie burger, the great big fat Nepalese man who owned the place did a hilarious double take and then burst into uncontrollable laughter! When he recovered he apologised and told me that they never got vegetarians in there, but that he'd make a fresh veggie/garden burger for me. Normally that kind of thing would make me leave a restaurant but his reaction was so funny and he genuinely meant no offence. To this day it remains the best veggie burger I've ever had.