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May 31st, 2010, 09:24 PM
For the past week I have made enquiries about the fluoridaton of soya milk. I phoned Alpro and was informed that although they do not add fluoride to their milk the water used may be fluoridated. Apparently it all depends on the location of the factory and its water source. After further investigation it turns out that soya milk is made with tap water that may well contain fluoride. For those of you who may not feel concerned let me tell you what I've learnt about this horrible addition to our diet.

Theres two kinds of fluoride, naturally occuring and a manufactured by- product of the fertiliser industry which I may add is a known brain suppresent. This by-product is found in toothpaste, baby formula, mouthwash and water. In WW2 the nazis used fluoride in the camps to dumb down the prisoners and make them more managable.


In the UK all baby formula apart from Nannycare now contains Fluoride. The last one to make the switch over was heinz nuture which as I type is off the shelf having its addition. The point I'm making is if you care about your health which I guess you do, your vegan right? why use this so called healthy milk. Whats the alternative? Well, I've found ONE! Sojade.

Sojade is made with spring water in France and is about 1.20 per litre.

I understand that not all vegans follow a healthy route or even care about whats in their food but for those that do I hope my first post in ages offers you all food for thought. Please check your water supplier for your fluoridated areas.

May 31st, 2010, 09:37 PM
I struggle to get enough fluoride because water here is not fluoridated. I use CRON-o-Meter software to track my nutrient intake. It seems that fluoride is underrepresented (not measured in some foods in the database). I try to drink 900 ml of tea in order to get 100% of RDA/RDI/DRI of fluoride. So, it would definitely help if soya milk contained fluoride. Here you can download CRON-o-Meter:

And conspiracy theories... I'm not buying into them:

May 31st, 2010, 09:42 PM
Thats your choice. Please make sure your getting the "right " fluoride though. The natural one is good for you, the other aint!

May 31st, 2010, 09:53 PM
Why, what's the difference? The one in toothpastes is sodium fluoride (sometimes aminfluoride). Which one is natural?

May 31st, 2010, 09:58 PM
I found it, calcium fluoride is natural. I guess that one is better, because with it we get some calcium, and many people already get too much sodium. But, otherwise, those salts get dissociated in our bodies anyway.

May 31st, 2010, 10:23 PM
Theres always two sides to a story. The way I see it I've been doing quite well without all this additional waste product so why do I need it now? I know people who have been researching fluoridation for almost twenty years so what do I tell them? That there plenty of info stating that their scaremongering? They'll just laugh and point out what I've said above.


May 31st, 2010, 10:43 PM
You definitelly have the right to avoid fluoride.

I don't think they use tap water without filtration. You can write to the company and ask which water they use, and do they have info on fluoride content in their products.