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Sep 11th, 2010, 01:19 PM
Hi everyone

My boyfriend's birthday is in a couple weeks and I'm thinking of buying him a vegan cake.

I've looked at several places in London and found this website: http://ronlikescakes.com/index.html . Their cakes look amazing but I've read through many of the posts on this forum and haven't found anyone recommending them. Has anyone here ever ordered cakes from there? If so, are they good?

I guess another option would be getting it from http://thevegancakegirl.co.uk as I've seen many people recommending it but I just feel really tempted by "Ron Likes Cakes" !

Sep 11th, 2010, 01:39 PM
Hi Bowie

Have you thought about making one yourself? It's pretty easy to make a good vegan cake and ice it and because it was baked with you love and care it would be more personal than buying one. Linda Majzlik's book "Vegan Baking" has some excellent recipes - I haven't found one in there that doesn't work or taste good.

Sep 11th, 2010, 02:01 PM
I haven't tried the ones you mention but I have ordered ones from Blue Lotus that were well-received (the carrot cake with sultanas is particularly nice). Please report back on whatever you get, or make, Bowie.

lastx, I agree home-made ones are nice in principle, but the maker's heart has to be in it. Personally I would rather be given a nicely-made bought one any day than one made by someone like me! :D Some of these firms make them to order and they are better than the mass-produced ones.

Sep 11th, 2010, 05:29 PM
Thanks for the replies. I did think about making one myself but to be honest my cooking skills aren't that great and I think he would appreciate a real cake (considering we can hardly ever eat actual cake!).

I think I might try "Ron likes cakes" out so I'll let you know if it's good!

Sep 11th, 2010, 05:44 PM
Oops, just realised I used "nice" about 9 times in last message - well you get the general idea :o

Yes please do let us know how it turns out, Bowie. The pictures on the Ronlikescakes website certainly look promising.

Oct 2nd, 2010, 05:22 PM
The cake was a success :D. It was very yummy! (although quite filling)
Also, it didn't really look like the ones in the website gallery! It was a bit different.

But worth it :P

Oct 2nd, 2010, 07:27 PM
Glad it was a success! I suppose with handmade cakes you can't predict exactly what they're going to look like - that's certainly true of mine, and not in a good way :o