View Full Version : Free vegan nutrition guide available for personal or advocacy use

Jan 27th, 2011, 09:11 PM
The Boston Vegan Association (http://bostonvegan.org) recently completed work on a full-color vegan nutrition guide (http://www.scribd.com/doc/43743775/Demystifying-Vegan-Nutrition-Panels) and has started A) using it to educate the public while tabling at area events and B) distributing it to activists all around the world so that they can do the same. People who have requested pamphlets (or even just one pamphlet) so far include individuals looking for information on what constitutes a healthy diet and vegan activists who have requested copies to use in their own advocacy work. This resource is also available to you.

To receive your free copy or copies of Demystifying Vegan Nutrition, all you have to do is visit our contact page (http://bostonvegan.org/contact) and send us your request, letting us know how many you'd like and why you think that number is appropriate. Bear in mind that though this literature may be free to you, the design, printing, and shipping did cost someone else a significant amount of money, and we don't want to see valuable resources go to waste. So, please have an idea how you'll distribute the guides in such a way that most of them won't end up in the trash.

Thanks, and spread the word!