View Full Version : High Carb Raw Vegan?

Nov 24th, 2011, 03:37 AM
Hello! I have been reading about raw veganism and it's veeery intriguing! I was just wondering how many people on this forum are doing the raw diet, what they experienced, the challenges they faced, and if they would recommend this to a teenager?

Feb 4th, 2012, 11:06 AM
Hi Desiree,

I have been experimenting with Raw Veganism for about 12 months now, and have graciously settled for a vegan who is enthused about Raw!
Since switching to a raw-er diet I noticed less sluggishness out of bed (could be placebo!) and over the 12months developed a real taste for exercise! Otherwise health has been solid since the move to veg-ism and have noticed sensitivity in a tooth, possible from meals consisting of 10 oranges or a whole pineapple, this has since subsided.

Now what I noticed was the amount of separation it caused between myself and the family, and I in no way suggest this could happen to you.
What I found was that I was being offered food less and less, and able to eat out at dinners less and less.
I also found that the rigidity simply became distancing to friends and family not of same diet.
I began cooking with grains and legumes again, and have settled to a diet closer to 70-80% raw and ~20% cooked.

The things to consider are, do you feel healthy?
Do you feel you can work 'hard', long hours, under stress and remain at peace?
Do you feel you can play with kids all day at a jungle gym?
Can you walk to the shops? Bus stop?
Can you run, jump, hike, swim, laugh and play?

Observe a life check, and the abundance you may already have. Realize these things, then add raw food! If it is no problem, and the stress in your life does not elevate, then it will suit you perfectly. Experiment.
Bless are we who can have all these things, and notice that when someone beloved prepares a meal, cooked, we will eat it, as a gift well received is a gift given. And we feel my love for others, is in no way hindered, that way theirs too is unrestricted.

I am 21, not quite a teen, not quite middle-aged or beyond. But I am human, healthy and at peace.