View Full Version : Zinc - vegan sources

May 10th, 2012, 01:02 PM
Here's a list of various sources of zinc for vegans:

Zinc Content of Selected Foods (http://vegetariannutrition.net/docs/Zinc-Vegetarian-Nutrition.pdf)

May 10th, 2012, 01:19 PM
Lol, that sample vegetarian menu has a chicken burger on it - what the Hell?

Thanks for the info though. :)

May 10th, 2012, 02:30 PM
I saw they mention chicken, but missed that they call it a vegetarian menu! American Dietetic Association isn't a vegetarian organization.

May 10th, 2012, 03:54 PM
Jeez, if you're writing a nutrition page on vegetarian diets you should really know what one consists of. :rollseyes_ani:

May 10th, 2012, 10:38 PM
If you mean the Yves chicken burger, it's vegetarian. Should say 'chicken'. http://www.yvesveggie.com/products/detail.php/meatless-chicken-burger
It's under the 'Legumes and Soy' category.