View Full Version : Mainstream store receptive to a vegan request!

May 25th, 2012, 02:06 AM
I am so excited! A few months ago I filled out a survey from a grocery store I have frequented for many years. It is a regional chain and they do offer organic and alternative foods/products within a regular grocery. My produce and some other items I buy from farmers markets or a Whole Foods Coop, but some items I buy from this particular store. At any rate in the comments part of the survey I mentioned that while I love the customer service there (and I like that this grocery has a union which means their employees have a better shot at fair wages and treatment) and can find most of what I need there as a vegan (dry beans, alternative milks, even animal free and non animal tested soaps for example), I wished this grocery store would carry non dairy coconut milk based yogurt (ie SoDelicious). I mentioned that I could find that yogurt at the Whole Foods Coop and other places. I also mentioned that I wished they would label exactly what farms their produce came from. Someone wrote me back and said they would work on getting the coconut milk based vegan yogurt in their store, and that they would look into the produce labeling (though that's a long shot and involves government bureacracy). Well yesterday for the first time I saw the coconut milk based yogurt in their store!!!! How awesome is that? Who'd of thought if you just ask for it they might actually listen and provide?

I think we should speak up more often at stores (whether it's a shoe store or food or other products) and make our voices heard so that they realize there is a growing demand for non animal based products.

My next project is to ask that they move the almond milk refrigerated cartons to the organic alternative section where the refrigerated soy milk and rice milk is and out of the dairy section so I dont have to walk down that horrible aisle. Small changes but hey it feels good when someone listens! :thumbsup:

May 25th, 2012, 11:37 AM
That's pretty cool RW, the small victories are always nice :D