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Jul 29th, 2012, 11:25 PM
Hi there,

I recently went on a 2-day trip to Malta! I loved it there and want to go back soon! Hardly saw much but went on a lovely cruise around the comino islands. It was a last minute decision to join my friends on holiday there but didn't have much money to make it a longer trip. Anyway, aside from that, I was quite disappointed in the choice of vegan foods, or vegan friendly places to eat there. The hotel breakfast was do-able. I had toast without butter, with jam and marmalade, an apple, some beans and tomatoes and a black tea. Wasn't too fussed about that but the rest of the trip was highly disappointing. The first night I tried some pasta where we were staying in st Pauls Bay, in a little cafe. The staff were very friendly and they changed a tuna dish into a veggie dish for me, but it was so bland it tasted like it came out of a tin. Next day on the cruise, we stopped off for lunch and I managed to find a veggie burger on a burger stall, which was great. The evening came and again I was so disappointed, we went to a chinese restaurant near the sea front, I ordered the only vegan friendly option they had which was sweet and sour fried potatoes and a side of steamed rice. At first I wanted to try a rice noodle dish but the waiter had trouble understanding what I meant; ''you want rice and noodle?'' so I gave up on that. The potatoes were shredded and drenched in oil and tasted anything but sweet or sour. I have a feeling veganism is pretty uncommon in Malta, but I did a little googling and found there are a couple of restaurants catering to vegetarians, but does anyone know if there are specifically any vegan ones? Or at least restaurants with a wide choice in vegan options on the menu. I know the holiday wasn't well planned out so I'm sure there are probably some hidden gems in Malta for us Vegans. I am so eager to go back to Malta as I fell in love with the country but don't want to end up with the same experience with food again! Really wanted to try some traditional maltese dishes, or something other than a veggie burger I can get anywhere! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

May 12th, 2013, 09:20 PM
Sad to hear that u had a bad experience whiles u were in Malta.
If u ever come to visit in the future u must know that we have now started the first ever vegan animal rights group on malta.
"Vegan Malta" is the name of the group, u can check it out on FB :)
Its great and will keep u updated on everything related to veganism on the island. Events, activism, get-togethers.. u can also ask watever questions u might have. Were to get different vegan foods, best vegan restaurants on the islands ( we even have a vegan map of all vegan friendly places on the island) :)The website is about to launch soon and i can send u that to if u like as its up and running.

Hopefully this helps :)
and Hopefully ill see u back in Malta in the future :) xox

May 13th, 2013, 03:35 PM
Thanks so much! :D

Aug 29th, 2013, 06:41 PM
Thanks so much! :D

Hi Hannah,
Sorry to hear you had this experience but there is more available in Malta now and a growing movement in both Vegan and Vegetarian.

As a Vegan, eating out has been improving but is still a challenge sometimes, we are just used to it :) In particular when asking for a modification to a menu item we make sure they understand no diary, no coleslaw on the side for instance etc.. otherwise we end of with something we wanted to avoid.
Pizza (with no cheese) is a good option as is Pasta in general eating.

If you visit again check out Angka Cafe in Marsa, a haven for Vegan and Vegetarian, also Tate in Birgu a vegetarian restaurant, and these that I am remembering off hand with decent Vegan options; the Emperor of India, the Blue Elephant and Bocconchino's in St Julians, Oblico in Buggiba and the Dinning Room in Melieha which will cook anything you like when you ask.

Hope this helps and that you visit again.