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Jan 20th, 2013, 06:19 AM
First off, I'd just like to say that since joining this board, I have felt much more adamant about my decision to go Vegan.. I think this is a board filled with great people!
I've been Vegan for about 9 months now, and wow, what a journey from where I was before!

It goes way beyond the fact that now I know what nutritional yeast and liquid aminos are. :P I mean, a journey on which I have been very vocal about with friends and family. I have cooked vegan baked goods and main dishes for omni folks, and it is thoroughly enjoyed. Okay, that pumpkin soup I over-spiced that time was reluctantly declined, and yes someone did say my pie crust on the samosa pie was a bit dry.. But otherwise, the amount of dishes I have tried in the last few months is more than I have ever attempted in my entire life and I love sharing the recipes with others.

Perhaps my sudden infatuation with cooking has to do with not being able or willing to grab certain convenience (processed) foods from the freezer aisle!!
Either way I am glad because I realize how much cooking is therapeutic for me.

Anyway... My close friend has gotten to the point of eating very little meat. He visited for Christmas and had a veg week and said it was wonderful. The lady who I talk with extensively at the liquor store (stemming from a chat about vegan wine) has given up meat since watching Vegucated from my light (read: not preachy, more talking of the positives) conversations. I got two copies of Veganomicon for Christmas and gave one copy to her tonight. She was happy!

My Mother, after my articulate conversations with her, has decided to slowly integrate vegan meals and change her lifestyle. If you knew my mother, you'd know that this is no small miracle. Though she has, in the past couple years, picked up Yoga and a tendency for disdain towards western medicine, she is still a person who cooks the same.. well, ten - twelve entrees. Shepherd's pie. Tacos. Spaghetti with beef. A strange quiche-esque pie with egg and ham that I hated as a kid. Beef and barley stew. Meat and potatoes and a small side of peas or corn. Eggs benedict. (I NEED a good vegan version of egg's benedict, btw! I have been craving it lately!! That cholesteral, fat laden dish has been haunting me. :|)
My Dad is a meat-aholic and has a stigma against tofu and probably thinks all vegans are sandal wearing hippies. However, my mom cooked tofu for the FIRST time the other day, and my family ate it. (I live far away now so I have to sadly hear about this delightful experience over the phone/facebook!) She has made vegan chili and some curry-peppers dish over rice.. and I sent her special indian spices and recipes for christmas which she has started to try! It's exciting for me!

I feel like my Vegan ways have had a ripple effect. Even speaking with my coworker, she is much more aware of what is and isn't Vegan. She says she may not eat completely veg, but she is intent on only having veg friendly clothes and shoes. Thumbs up for minimizing harm to animals in any way, IMO.

Has anyone else had a similar experience after going Vegan in regards to converting others somewhat intentionally? I mean, I work in a restaurant and it comes up often as a server. I am open and as friendly as possible about it, and I always emphasize that it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I list the positives: more energy, feeling more peaceful, knowing it is a healthier option, knowing that I am not harming any animals.. and I try to keep the negatives to myself. No one needs to know that it's an ongoing struggle, living amongst people who still eat meat and wanting to make them understand why it just isn't right to eat or use animals.

Hell, just the other day, a mainstream news article transpired about how Quinoa was becoming too expensive for the quinoa farmers themselves to eat, all thanks to vegans and vegetarians gobbling it up for our nutritional needs. WTF!? Mainstream media sure keeps a tight hold on the stereotype that we are all a bunch of hypocritical lunatics. It's not like meat eaters eat quinoa or anything. :rollseyes_ani:

Okay, / novel. :-)
I look forward to hearing the responses of what others thought and did after you went Vegan!

Jan 20th, 2013, 11:19 AM
Oh babe... Don't you worry about writing a novel... I think there are those on here guilty of writing longer ones... *whistles innocently* ;)


I know what you mean with the newfound culinary delights! I used to eat the same stuff, and have since found squillions of lovely tasty yummy stuff to eat/make/cook/invent since becoming vegan! Hehehe...

I've got three children so maybe haven't had as much time to learn quite the amount you have, but boy, it's fun ain't it? :)

As for influencing others, yes, I've already convinced my teenage son to become 95% vegan (he REALLY loves chocolate and cheese so this is incredibly hard to do especially aged 15), and I wasn't even trying to "make" him do it or anything, he was attracted by the effects it had had on me, and because of general conversation about animal welfare issues... My non-vegan hubby has agreed to our two littlest children being raised vegan, and various other non-vegans are either asking me to help them or are at the least enquiring about the ins and outs of it...

So I hold hope yet! :)