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Jun 28th, 2014, 01:29 PM
Hi there everyone :-)

Ive be recently starting incorporating raw food into my diet, I'm not 100 percent yet, but getting there :lol: I have been on a raw food course for beginners and really enjoyed what I have learned so far, very inspirational :heart: But obviously I have a lot to learn, so thought I would come on here for some help and support, hope you all don't mind ???

1st question.....(and this might be the first if many :-)) .....do all nuts and seeds have to be soaked before using them? I know Brazil nuts don't, as the course i went on, they showed us how to make nut milk with them. But am a little confused which other ones do or don't.
thankyou in advance xxxx

Jun 29th, 2014, 07:36 PM
Hello, there are sometimes people on here who are knowledgeable about raw food but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. However I eat quite a lot of nuts and seeds and rarely soak any of them, if that helps! (Well, apart from seeds that I sprout.) Perhaps I've misunderstood the question, though?

Jul 30th, 2014, 05:49 AM
Hey guys!

I found this great blog that has a special section dedicated to raw vegan! Hope this helps (: