View Full Version : Problems from going raw?

Aug 18th, 2014, 03:16 PM
Hello Animal/Health Lovers! - I am new to the forums and I would like to introduce myself first and give a basic background so that I can get my questions across.

Background: My Name is Maximilian, I am 20 years old, when I was 17 I become very health conscious, I ate meat, cereal every day with cow's milk and I had asthma symptoms, basically after running, my lungs and my throat where blocked to the point that I couldn't complete my yawns properly and I had chest tightness - went to the doctors, he prescribed me an inhaler (which was odd since I didn't have asthma nor no one in my family) and this didn't work, i felt depressed that I had an condition and I just stayed at home all the time, but after I looked for diets and how to prevent mucus/phelm building in my body, so I discovered vegetarian diet.I stopped eating meat cold turkey and after few days I felt really better, no blockages etc after running. though I had mucus all the time since I ate eggs/ chocolate and milk, I eat pizza for 3 years almost every week, and I count this as a vegitarian, though junk diet. Now I went raw vegan 3 days now, and I spit alot of mucus. My question is: When I went raw I had a feeling of a tight throat, when I swallow I feel that something is in inside my throat - Could this be mucus build up from the reaction going raw vegan? It does hurt and it is strange feeling I can't explain, when I sollow I feel something is around my throat on the inside and it is sticking there

Aug 19th, 2014, 10:05 PM
Are you eating any new fruits/veg? You might be getting a mild allergic reaction to something new, or since it's only been going on 3 days you could just have a cold or infection and it's coincidence that it's happened at the same time as starting the new diet.