View Full Version : Pastry Things I made Last Night.

Jun 16th, 2005, 08:18 AM
That don't have a name, as the constitue what I could find in the kitchen.
And I never measure recipes so work it by how many people you want to feed.

Unless you are some kind of domestic guru, go and buy some puff pastry.

Fry an onion, add some mushrooms, I then added a can of haricot beans, a reasonable sized blob (yes, that is a technical term) of tomato puree.

I then added some of that 'Free From' cheese sauce, but if you don't have it, make the stuff a little saucier with a little soya milk, and then when you make the parcels, put a slice of vegan cheese on top. If your some kind of vegan cheese freak you could do both, but I wouldn't.

I made little cornish pasties, but you could just roll out the pastry and make square parcels (don't forget to wet the pastry and crimp it a little on the seal, I hate to be patronising, but as I forgot on one of mine and it split open everywhere, so I'm the one who needs telling. :) )

The handy thing is with two packets of pastry I made about 8 parcels, so I could freeze a load too for hectic days.

Kiva Dancer
Jun 16th, 2005, 06:38 PM
Oh, that does sound quite good. I bet it would be lovely made into hors d'oeuvres and served with a cheesze dipping sauce - either spicy or not.

Did your parcels thaw well?

Jun 16th, 2005, 08:23 PM

I cooked them from almost frozen, and my husband took it to work to eat cold for lunch.

From now on I'm just going to shove all odd and ends into pastry and feed them to my family that way. :)