View Full Version : Tummy going funny

Jun 25th, 2005, 05:21 PM
In my endeavours to go vegan I have partially cut milk from my diet, basically I don't drink it anymore and I now use an all vegan friendly butter.

My tummy's started to act weirdly though and I wonder if it might have something to do with this. We've had some dairy allergy in the family. My bro was very allergic to it when he was a kid, though he grew out of it, and my mom don't tolerate large doses of it.

I've never really had any reactions to it. My theory is that now when I don't have it on such a regular basis anymore my tummy reacts towards it when I get it in my food and my snacks.

I still eat products with milk in it, for example milk-chocolate, sausces with a dairy basis and such things.

I'm going to cut that out as I progress too, but I am simply curious as to wether I am on the right track here, and if people might have some advice suggestions etc.

Jun 25th, 2005, 05:45 PM
A good theory, your stomach possibly just doesnt enjoy having to digest milk seeing it's hard to do ;p your digestive system may have taken on a refined tatse if you will and is letting you know it doesn't what your selling. As you get healthier your body will speak to you more and more I find. I get chest irritation when i walk where cars are polluting then it goes away when i walk through the park ;p my lungs are healthy they know whats bad for them.