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Sep 3rd, 2005, 04:40 PM
I just received this wonderful article by Robert Cohen(of NotMilk.com)
I know that not everyone is a fan of his work, because of past tempers lost,
and twists on reality, but he's been rather good lately at siting sources for his information.
Here is a good (honest) article I thought you all might enjoy reading:

Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" resulted in the
banning of one horribly toxic pesticide, D.D.T.
Ironically, Carson died a few months after publishing
the best selling book that changed America.

Or did it?

Unfortunately, government standards for farm animals
allow for 60 or more times the amount of pesticides
in animal feed than in food sold for human consumption.

After cows eat pesticide-rich food, humans drink their
chemical-rich body fluids and eat their polluted flesh.

The United States Department of Environmental Protection
(EPA) has established so-called safe levels for pesticides
in foods, but their tolerance levels make absolutely no

EPA's math is one level below dyslexic,
hovering between unethical and criminal.

If humans and animals eat the same plants,
and humans then eat the flesh of these same
animals, or drink their milk, the pesticides
become concentrated in the bodies and body
fluids of those food-animals. Humans sit
atop the food chain.

In addition to drinking milk containing
thousands of doses of pesticides from thousands
of meals of grass and hay, we concentrate
poisoned milk into cheese and ice cream, thereby
increasing the exposure.

Let me cite you one example.

If soy crops are sprayed with one of the most
toxic substances used in agriculture, malathion,
EPA will allow no more than 8 parts per million
on those soybeans.

Soybeans are harvested, roasted and served to
dairy cows and beef cattle. If soy forage is used
for animal feed, the permitted level of malathion
is nearly seventeen times greater (135 parts per

Humans may eat a few ounces per day of malathion-treated
soy products. Dairy cows might eat ten pounds per day or
more of that same product with higher permissible residues.
Day after day. Week after week. Thousands of doses.

The actual human dose of malathion for milk drinkers
or meat eaters may very well be thousands of times
greater than the maximum standard for human tolerance
as set by EPA.

Mal means bad, and malathion (Dimethoxy Phosphino
Thioyl Thio Butanedioic Acid Diethyl Ester) is the
baddest of pesticides. Exposure to malathion can
result in a vast array of human conditions, including
birth defects, cancer, chromosomal damage, brain, and
kidney damage, leukemia, and, often times, death.

Many hundreds of different pesticides are used on
America's farms. In most cases, the allowable
levels of pesticides in feed for farm animals is
significantly higher than it is for human food.

Other pesticide ranges include acetochlor (7 times
higher for animal feed), alachlor (3.5 times greater),
bentazon (60 times greater), carbaryl (20 times greater),
chloroneb (20 times greater), diflubensuron (10 times
greater), diphenamid (5 times greater), fenvalerate (20
times greater), methomyl (50 times greater), methyl
parathion (10 times greter), metolachlor (40 times greater),
and norflurazon (10 times greater). Many more pesticides
are used. You get the idea.

Eat soy or any fruit and vegetable, and you get one
dose. Eat organic soy, or organic fruits and
vegetables, and you receive zero doses of pesticides.

Eat animals who are permitted many more times
than the levels of pesticides than are humans,
and who eat many hundreds or thousands of doses,
and you introduce poisons into your own flesh.

Is there any living creature higher on the
food chain than human adults who eat poisoned
flesh and dairy products?

Sadly, the answer is yes. The highest creature
on the food chain is the growing fetus whose
mother is exposed to these concentrated toxins.
After birth, the mother delivers these concentrated
pesticides to the child through her own breast milk.

Robert Cohen

Sep 4th, 2005, 12:44 AM
Thanks for that, Andesuma. The animals get some sort of revenge by poisoning the people who eat them. It's the same with fish, who concentrate all the pollutants in the seas into their bodies.

Sep 4th, 2005, 02:57 AM
Interesting reading! It might be possible to reach people though their concerns about their own health in going vegan - but there are so many good reasons - I would suggest that for most of us - this is one of the less significant - but might the the most significant for people eating meat!

Sep 4th, 2005, 07:06 AM
Thanks for that, Andesuma. The animals get some sort of revenge by poisoning the people who eat them. It's the same with fish, who concentrate all the pollutants in the seas into their bodies.

Unfortunately that 'revenge' is always slightly detered...hence "modern medicine" : /
That is part of the problem though...people in our 'day and age', get to eat meat, whenever they want, at all meals of the day, etc.
Without having to work for it, without having to kill the animals they consume, without witnessing the death, without suffering any consequences for there horrible actions what so ever...
without feeling responsible..even in the slightest.

Hopefully CJD(mad cow disease), SARS, influenza, avian flu, and the new pig illnesses that we are now contracting because of our lifestyles... will be a more justified sickness...
ignorance is death.

Sep 4th, 2005, 02:30 PM
I wouldn't wish illness on anyone - well, perhaps one or two people - but I think that there are many, many people walking around right now who are incubating mad cow disease. The new variant type, which killed so many people not long ago, might just have been accelerated in its course by some peculiarity of the sufferer. Perhaps most people have the more common form that can take decades to manifest its symptoms. I pity those who will suffer from this. I pity their loved ones even more.

Mar 25th, 2006, 05:01 PM
I think about the banning of D.D.T. and looked into the fact of how it's legal in other countries that have american owned fruit and vegetable companies that spray the stuff on it and it's sold back in the U.S. This really is a big circle of poison. We start to see the deception as we look deeper into the rabbit hole.

Mar 26th, 2006, 12:14 AM
I didn't know that cows ate humans at all. :)