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Apr 22nd, 2004, 05:23 PM
Heidi Posted: Feb 24 2004, 10:34 PM

Hello from Wales!

I'm going to be traveling to Australia in May, and want to stay in Sydney and Melbourne for a weekend each. Does anyone know of a vegan/vegetarian hotel/b&b in either city? Also possibly visiting Tasmania.

I'd be very grateful for any ideas!

May 1st, 2004, 12:59 AM

I'm a newbie to the forum, and just home to USA from a month+ in Australia! Was mostly in Tas with a two-week trip to the mainland (ferry to Melbourne, drove up to Sydney, through Canberra & Kos. Natl Park back to Melbourne) and hope I have some helpful information for you! Last summer I spent 3+ weeks in Tas, so have more info on that state than Vic or NSW.... Will happily "talk your ears off" about my experiences :-) so here's a short-ish list for you:

Qantas meals & snacks
I have had =great= experiences with Qantas' vegan meals -- yum yum! Be careful of the snack bag that they will hand out -- everyone gets the same thing -- iirc, this past trip there was only one thing in the bag that had anything in it (dairy?) but last summer there was only one thing I =could= eat! Bring some PACKAGED food with you (I highly recomend the vegan bars found at Whole Foods

NOTE: Mainland Australia is =very= strict about bringing in plant and animal matter! Do NOT bring in anything fresh! and declare your dried fruits, nuts, etc (I have had no problems bringing those in). There have been a lot of problems (fruits flies being a big one) with imported produce. TAS is even more strict that the mainland. Basically, the quarantine folks will want to check your food to make sure it's not fresh and packaged "appropriately" (e.g., preferably in a labelled bag listing ingredients)

Lonely Planet!
Pick up a copy of Lonely Planet guide for area(s) you are going to travel. I've used the Tasmania guide and the Sydney Condensed on this trip, and have found the Condensed particularly helpful. LP does let you know if there's a cafe or other place =they know about= that has veg-friendly menu.

Food Thoughts
Check vegetariantimes.com (iirc) for veg/vegan-friendly restaurants in places you'll be staying
Keep in mind that in most people's minds "vegetarian" means eggs and/or dairy. Be =VERY= clear about what you cannot eat! (I'm allergic to eggs, so usually start with "I have an egg allergy; is there anything on your menu that you would suggest?" and have had v good results. Some places will go v much out of their way to make something "off menu" for you!)
There tend to be areas/neighborhoods in the larger cities that will have more cafes/restaurants that will be blatantly veg/vegan. (e.g., St Kilda, Newtown on mainland)
The big grocery stores (Coles and Woolworths) will have some veg/vegan foods, and even in Burnie TAS you can find all manner of tofu.
There are a lot of sushi takeaway spots in Mel and Syd that will have vegetarian options on their menus -- make sure to ask if they have mayo!
There are also a lot of "noodle shops" that will have rice noodles (as well as egg, so make sure to note those!) with just veggies, typically made right in front of you. Make sure to pay attention to the sauces, as some may be fish/oyster flavored.
Most B&Bs will offer "traditional" breakfasts, which may include muesli etc. I was able to find vegetarian beans on toast in a few places. If you can, call ahead and most folks will supply what you need.
Beware of yoghurt! Check the label for gelatin!
Most motels and hotels will have a bar/dorm-sized fridge in your room, so you can buy staples like soy milk etc.

Hotels / Motels / B&Bs
See the LP guide for the area you'll be staying in. I can provide more suggestions for Tasmania (I've spent 5+ weeks there, and have "locals" I can query) than I can for the mainland. My mainland info is limited to the route I took up the coast from Mel to Syd, inland to Canberra, overland to Hume Hwy and back to Mel.

Sightseeing and such
Give me an idea of the types of things you enjoy (e.g., bushwalking? music? theatre?) and I can give you some suggestions!

Hope this helps a bit!

-elthia :)

ps: wombats are MUCH larger than I expected :-)

Frank Lucas
Jul 19th, 2004, 04:23 AM
Apparently something in Bicheno Tassi ( Contact Vegan Voice)